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During this time of year, the weather tends to go back and forth between hot and cold in North Carolina. This often leaves people wondering about whether they should keep their air conditioning on or switch it over to heat. For the sake of costs, you don’t want to switch back and forth between the two too much. So, here’s what you can do during the fall season when the weather tends to have two minds:

For now, it’s probably wise to keep your air conditioning on. You can switch it over to heat when the forecast predicts a week of consistently cooler weather; this often happens around November in North Carolina.

On those cooler days when you’re tempted to turn on the heat, turn up your AC temperature a few degrees instead. Then, utilize natural light in your home to let in some warmth: open up blinds and curtains in particularly sunny areas of your home. If you get cold at night, add an extra blanket to your bed and wear a pair of socks to warm yourself up.

Once the weather has taken a turn for the cooler and looks like it’s going to stay there, it’s time to turn on your heat. However, even then, you may experience some uncharacteristically warm days, even in the middle of winter. If that’s the case, don’t turn your AC back on. Instead, use your ceiling fans around the homes to cool down your space and close your blinds and curtains to keep your home feeling cooler. 

This time of year is also a good time to have routine maintenance performed on your HVAC system before the cold weather of the winter kicks in. 

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